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What to wear to the beach?

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        Dressing for the beach can be frustrating when you are trying to show off your style along with carrying as little as possible. No one wants to bring around 3-4 different pairs of shoes or flip flops when they go to the beach. Beach style is highly flexible and they depend on how you want to make it look. Sandals Bali makes it easy for you to find a look you like that can help brighten up any beach day or warm weather wear.

        When looking at the collections of shoes and sandals available, Sandals Bali brings a unique look into the fashion arena by using influences from native fauna and flora from Bali itself. Each of the different flowers on the sandals are formed and shaped in the ways of the beautiful flowers of Bali. Instead of schlepping on another pair of plastic sandals that can break in a day, treat yourself to a pair of Sandals Bali that will last and are beautiful to look at.

        Being on the beach is fun but it’s nice to look good while sitting on the beach as well. It’s something of opinion when it comes to beach fashion. When sitting on a tropical beach it’s hard not to be influenced by the lovely drinks and sunshine, so it’s easy to see why people favor bright colors and prints when it’s beach time. The beach is always haven to a bit bolder of fashion flavors than the regular streets. Sandals Bali has the exact sandals for you if you are looking for a fun and flirty way to accessorize on your feet. Forget the black and simple colors and go for the big flowery fun with Sandals Bali and their hand painted sandals. They’ll keep people looking at your toes and feet all day long! How could they not!

        These Sandals Bali can help show your personality while still being comfortable and quirky. The handmade leather sandals can help protect your feet while keeping you beach ready. Instead of using unnatural materials like plastic and fiber mixes, Sandals Bali use leather which is known to mold to the shape of your foot while still being flexible enough to breathe. Leather has been used for centuries for making clothing and shoes and is known as a luxury item. All materials from the Sandals Bali collection are hand picked with the finest quality.

        Sandals Bali provides you with beautiful hand painted and hand crafted sandals to help you accessorize your beach attire!

Sandals Bali brings you hand painted leather sandals and handcrafted wooden sandals!

        Sandals Bali offers hand painted leather sandals and hand crafted wooden sandals to keep you looking fresh during flip flop season. Bali, Indonesia is widely known for its surfer retreats and relaxed atmosphere while still having an influential historical culture. All our hand painted and hand crafted sandals design reflects the natural lifestyle that Bali has to offer. [...]

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